About Jesse Tree of Idaho

•    Founded in Boise, Idaho in 1999
•    Established its Board of Directors and headquarters in 2000.
•    In July of 2001, Jesse Tree received its first application for emergency rent  


Monsignor John Donoghue founded The Jesse Tree of Idaho in 1999. He gathered eight individuals to join him in discerning how to begin substantial work of spreading mercy to those in need. Monsignor Donoghue encouraged the founding members with these words, “This prospect excites me. I believe it is the call from God to develop a wonderful mission of mercy as a fitting way to celebrate the great jubilee of Christ in 2000 and continue a fountain of mercy into the new millennium. Let us pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in this matter.”

Since 1999, The Jesse Tree has evolved into an established non-profit agency dedicated to preventing homelessness.

In the fall of 2000, the City of Boise invited Jesse Tree to administer the Emergency Rent and Mercy Assistance (ERMA) program. Monsignor and the founding members worked closely with the City of Boise and the Boise State University School of Social Work to develop guidelines and policies for the ERMA program.

In July of 2001, The Jesse Tree of Idaho opened its doors to provide rent assistance to those who qualified. Monsignor’s instruction to those associated with Jesse Tree was to be merciful to those in need. He encouraged staff and volunteers to listen to the clients as they expressed their needs.

Every year Jesse Tree prevents more than 500 from becoming homeless in Ada County.      
Larry Warner         Mary Jane Atkinson    Jim Glancey   
Russ Centanni       Dorothy Rebholtz        Linda Armstrong
Lloyd Duncan         Nancy Ward               Darlene Sullivan
JoAnn Vahey


Crista Beck, LSW-Managing Director       
Emily Newkirk, LSW-Case manager

Mary Jane Atkinson
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